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NJ Whaleboat Privateer Project

We are constructing a full size replica of an 18th Century coastal New Jersey whaleboat. Before we can proceed, we are raising the funds necessary to draw up the plans and pay for the construction.

This whaleboat project will educate people about the effort and sacrifice made to create this country so that future generations will value and preserve their rights and liberty.

Join Us

In this we ask your help. Many nails can be bought for a dollar. Several dollars can buy a board. Many planks can make a boat. A boat can make a lasting impression on a young patriot. Many patriots will make a strong country. We ask you to make a difference. Make a donation of any amount.  

Thank You

NJ Militia Heardís Brigade
14 Wood Duck Cove
Oakridge, NJ 07438

On request, we can e-mail charitable donation receipts.

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