New Jersey Militia  -  Heard's Brigade

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The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor.

Head Quarters, Brunswick, November 30, 1776.

Sir: I have the pleasure and Honor of acknowledging the Receipt of yours of the 27th.91 General Williamson gives me small Encouragement to hope for much Assistance from the Militia of this State; indeed some of the Counties, if they were willing, are intimidated from coming in, as the Enemy have possession of the Country. I hope the four Regiments, to be raised to serve till the first of April, will be quickly full, as more dependance is to be put upon them, than Common Militia. The time of General Heard's Brigade of flying Camp Men for this State, and that of Genl. Beall's from Maryland, expires this day; so that the army will by that means, suffer a very considerable diminution. But what is still worse, altho' most of the

[Note 91: Governor Livingston had written (November 27): "I can easily form some Idea of the Difficulties under which you labour and particularly of one for which the public can make no allowances because your Prudence and Fidelity to the Cause will not suffer you to reveal it to the public, an instance of Magnanimity superior perhaps to any that can be shewn in Battle. But depend upon it, my dear Sir, the impartial World will do you ample Justice before Long. May God support you under that Fatigue both of Body and Mind to which you must be constantly exposed." Livingston's letter is in the Washington Papers.] Pennsylvanians are inlisted till the first of January, I am informed that they are deserting in great numbers; I therefore intreat, that you would without loss of time, give orders to the officers of Militia on the Roads and the Ferries over Delaware, to take up and secure every Soldier that has not a regular discharge or Pass. In order to effect this, proper guards should be immediately posted.

I thank you most sincerely for your feelings for me at this time and upon this occasion; I will not however despair; but look forward with a hope that such Reinforcements will yet arrive to my assistance, as will enable me to prevent our common Enemy from making much further Progress. I am, etc.



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